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Halloween Costume Reminders

Students have been provided with these reminders over the past week during the morning announcements.

Reminder about Halloween costumes:No hidden identities. For the purpose of safety, no person is allowed to disguise their identity in any fashion while on school property. Because of this, please do not wear costumes that include masks or headgear  that cover the face.

No weapons or ‘fake’ weapons. Do not select costumes that include any item(s) that is, represents or could be mistaken for a weapon.

No offensive, indecent or disturbing costumes. Offensive costumes would include costumes that are insensitive or racist. Examples of indecent costumes would include costumes that are too revealing and examples of disturbing costumes would be ones that are overtly violent or gory. Staff reserves the right to ask students to change.

Lastly, students can head to the gym following eating their lunch for the Halloween parade and judging from 12:43-1:05pm on the 31st.

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