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Lego Sets Needed!

Imagine DIY Meets Education!

Play and imagination are an important and engaging part of learning at any age.  We are excited to offer a new program where our students will be encouraged through collaborative work, critical thinking skills, and self directed learning to explore out-of-the-box ideas and real world problem solving. Makerspace empowers every student, at all grade levels, to follow their curiosity wherever it leads them!  We will be using the LEGO brick, with its simple and intuitive building system, as the perfect prototyping tool. Students start exploring with a handful of LEGO bricks and begin to create, test, build and rebuild. As they work toward their ultimate goal, they continuously modify, retest and rebuild.


Grades 5 and 6 will be able to take part in a Monday lunch group where they will creatively build, test, and rebuild several different set challenges throughout the year.  Students will build skills throughout the year and have fun with friends.

Grades 7, 8, and 9 will have the opportunity to take part in groups throughout the year which will create spaces for collaborative building challenges, problem solving, creative uses of limited resources, planning,  time management challenges and many other invaluable skill building opportunities. They will build these skills as they work toward the goal or creating projects with real world applications.


We would be very grateful if you would please consider donating any new or used LEGO sets you may no longer be using to help us reach our materials goal and create the best possible program! We are thankful for the opportunity to create spaces to allow for fun and learning to go hand in hand and thank you in advance for your support.


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